Becoming a mother is a profound experience. It can feel beautiful and amazing, and then discouraging, disappointing, and terrifying all within the space of the same day… sometimes within the same hour! I am passionate about working with women along all stages of their journey, and hold an additional certification in Maternal Mental Health. I focus on helping women manage anxiety around trying to conceive, anxiety throughout pregnancy, and anxiety and depression in the postpartum period.

One in 8 women will struggle with a postpartum mood disorder and psychotherapy is recommended as the first line of treatment for these postpartum symptoms. In therapy we will explore your expectations and disappointments, your circle of support, your changing identity, and the impact becoming a mother is having on your relationships and your life. We will look at your goals for yourself as a mother, but also your goals for yourself as a person. Every woman deserves the opportunity to enjoy being a mom, and together we will get you there.