If there’s one thing I know well, it’s anxiety. In graduate school, I had a therapist ask me when my own anxiety first started, and I laughed out loud. When had it started? Sometimes it felt like my earliest memories were of being anxious! Anxiety can be an adaptive response to threat, but if left unmanaged it becomes debilitating , robbing us of joy and of our ability to be present. I specialize in working with both adults and children to reduce their anxiety and its hold on their lives.

Anxiety manifests in all kinds of different ways. For some of us, it is intrusive thoughts that interrupt the rhythm of our day to day lives. For others it might be increased irritability and agitation, or nagging worries keeping us awake at night. Anxiety can cause us to second guess ourselves and our decisions, leaving us plagued with self-doubt.

With children, we often see behavioral markers of anxiety; tearfuless, bed-wetting, separation anxiety, or angry outbursts. Difficult to control emotions, including meltdowns and tantrums, or intense fears and phobias.

In treating anxiety, I rely on an array of evidenced based practices including a blend of psychodynamic and humanistic therapies while integrating cognitive behavioral strategies, mindfulness work, distress tolerance, and whole-body wellness. In session we will identify the sources of your anxious response and develop skills and strategies to cope more effectively with anxious feelings. We will examine what these feelings are trying to tell you and while your anxiety may never go away completely ( full disclosure: mine never did!) we can put you in control of your anxiety rather than continuing to allow anxiety to control you.